Essential Oil Recipes to Cleanse Your Space and Raise Your Vibration
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Hi Love, I'm Lauren.
I believe...

...That every woman is innately infused with the power to heal, to expand, to impact her world and herself.

...That self care begins at the cellular level. (It isn't just bubble baths love!)

...That essential oils can nurture, heal, raise your vibration, and upgrade every aspect your life.

I've guided hundreds of women on their essential oils journey and I would love to share with you my favorite recipes to help you get started too.

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Lauren Zavlunov
Essential Oils Educator
Owner/Designer at Jewels of Saraswati
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  • Smokeless smudge spray recipe
  • Diffuser blends to raise Your vibration
  • Positive energy blends
  • Essential Oils Safety and Tips
 and more...